Logistics and distribution

With a modern dedicated warehouse and distribution centre, a team of MP&L experts and a modern ERP system, we can support even the most demanding delivery schedules.

Investing in our capacity to support our customers

We supply components across a broad range of vehicle platforms and production volumes, with each model variance requiring unique content and storage. As a Tier 1 supplier, we also manage the scheduling and timing of subcontracted operations, such as painting and anodising. Our investments in a modern ERP system and dedicated warehouse facility, give us the flexibility to adapt to the evolving supply chains involved in supporting EV and high performance vehicle production.

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Our Capabilities

Set across four sites, we have invested in our rapid prototyping services and production facilities, from metal laser cutting and press forming, through to metal welding and distribution.  

Tooling and prototyping
Laser cutting
Press forming
Assembly and welding
Brake pressing
Our Facilities
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