Environmental, Social and Governance

From using renewable energy to our environmental certifications; PSM are investing in sustainable production practices. Our employee-led initiatives are supporting good causes within our community.

Part of the electrification journey

We are supporting our customers developing the next generation of electric vehicles, reducing tail pipe emissions and noise pollution in towns and cities. As the industry continues to adopt electrification, more than >90% of our future automotive sales will be for electric vehicles.

Our community projects

Making a difference to our local area

PSM supports the local causes and charities that matter to our employees. Each year, we contribute to projects that are making a difference and have been selected by our team.

You can read more about our community activities on our LinkedIn page.

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Committed to cutting our carbon footprint

PSM is committed to reducing our environmental footprint, through responsible sourcing, energy efficiency, waste management and using renewable energy.

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