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We have worked on a number of iconic cars that have pushed the limits of performance, such as the McLaren Artura and Aston Martin DBX. As vehicle technology has evolved, so too have our production techniques, matching the ambitious targets of our high performance customers.

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Ultra-lightweight aluminium for the Aston Martin DBX 

In 2020, Aston Martin commenced production of its first SUV, the DBX. The DBX sits on an all-new platform designed exclusively for the SUV, crafted from aluminium to be ultra-lightweight.  As experts in production of Aluminium components, PSM supply more than 150 unique components on this iconic vehicle. 

A relentless pursuit of lightness for the McLaren Artura

In 2022, McLaren released the Artura, a supercar with an all new hybrid powertrain, signalling the start of an exciting journey for the super car manufacturer. ​

To deliver the car, McLaren’s designers and suppliers had a relentless pursuit of lightness which according to McLaren has now “reached another level”.​

With our expertise in lightweight aluminium components, PSM are an integral part of this effort, with significant content on each car. ​

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